Friday, March 26, 2010

Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (WGA) Update Installation

Microsoft has started implementing WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage Notification) or KB9050 update on all user systems that run on Windows OS to prevent illegal use of it’s operating system copies. Once it gets installed on your system, it will display a WGA notification in your system tray area as “You may be a victim of Software Counterfeiting. This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation”. This notification stays in Windows system tray area and pops up the above notification in regular interval of time.

KB9050 update requires user permission to get installed and hence you can choose not to install it on the first hand. If “Automatic Updates” is turned on, it will download KB9050 update automatically and will display a installation wizard to install WGA notification. You can simply bypass it’s installation from here as it will be very hard to remove it later using hacks, cracks or tweaks.

Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (WGA) Update Installation

After Windows downloads KB9050 update, it will start a installation wizard

Click Next to continue

Next to Privacy Statement click on I Do Not Agree radio button, click Next to continue

By declining the WGA license agreement you have terminated the installation and KB9050 update will not be installed on your system

You are done.

Do note that Microsoft allows those systems to download further updates that are properly verified and passed the genuine Windows validation. So, it’s necessary to use a legal copy of Windows OS and validate it through WGA KB9050 update.

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